30. juni – 9. juli 2023

Deng Deng Hi-Fi(S)

søndag 10. juli kl. 16:00


Deng Deng HiFi is a sound system and record label from Malmö, Sweden, founded by Dan I Locks, Jr Roots and Chris Michael back in 2005. Driven by the love of roots music, the crew have since frequently played and arranged sound system events in the local area of Malmö (also a heavy guest in Copenhagen), promoting international, aswell as Swedish and Danish, soundsystem acts, producers and artists. 
From around Scandinavia to Dub Camp in France, Deng Deng have played at many European festivals, travelling with or without the sound system itself. This time Deng Deng Crew bring their own stack of speakers, specially built to catch the deep bass of the music.
The selection of the music itself stretches from the late 60’s ska and rocksteady era up till todays dub and steppers. But only conscious music with a clear message. No slackness or glorification of violence or degrading of women. Only good vibes and upliftment of the people.